System info

The website is based on the IFACE Web Builder content management system. This software product provides a web developer with a wide range of tools for creating a site structure. The programmer does not depend on the limitations of the development system and can implement any program unit by connecting it to a section of the site. The development framework contains built-in scripts and database access procedures to simplify code writing.

It is convenient for a web designer to work with templates that provide adaptability to different types and sizes of screens. This ensures that the site content is displayed correctly on all types of devices: desktops, tablets, and mobile phones. Out-of-the-box style sheets allow you to quickly create sightly elements and blocks that satisfy your usability requirements.

At the same time, at the end-user level, the system interface is simple and clear. The site administrator does not have to look for places in the interface where information needs to be changed. All program blocks and data tables are linked to a tree-like partition structure. Its appearance corresponds to the structure of the menu on the site. This allows the web-site administrator to quickly and easily add and edit website information.

This development system is used on many projects. Here are some companies and Internet services whose websites are made using IFACE Web Builder: Bluegold Trader - an independent provider of public market information and trading analytics; Kappa Consulting Accounting service; online guidebook about screen printing; Welcome Realty Group is a real estate company specializing in providing brokerage services for the sale, purchase, and rental of real estate in Dubai; Site for esotericism and tarot cards - the best tarot cards decks; Site of the developer of environmental control devices.

This content management system makes it possible to effectively develop the site and promote it. The framework has built-in tools for SEO optimizers. It is possible to work with meta tags and keywords of texts.

IFACE Web Builder has been developing for many years and represents a reliable and convenient solution for website development.